FBA Shipping FCL, LCL

FBA FCL& LCL to the US-1

FBA FCL& LCL to the US

We have four times a week direct shipping to Los Angeles, USA, fast aging, low price. We can provide double clear package tax to the door service.

Our company provides professional door - to - door transportation solutions for clothing, furniture, lighting, electronic products, bags, shoes, hats, auto parts and other industries.

Service Content

1. In Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places have their own cargo distribution center, one day to pick up goods.

2. Maintain cooperative relationship with many shipping companies, provide international shipping agency services, promptly provide enough shipping space.

3. With professional customs declareers, and the customs has a good close cooperation, to ensure a quick solution to customs problems.

4. Shipping to the United States 14-16 days to the port, 20 days to the door, the main American double clear one-stop service

5. To ensure that customers receive the goods in time, the goods to LA are directly to the destination of the truck.

Process Service

FBA FCL& LCL to the US-9

1. Undertake shipping booking, bulk cargo warehousing, document production, warehousing and packaging, customs declaration and inspection agent and other American shipping LCL one-stop service, for you to save trouble.

2. You only need to provide the goods, the packing list (including the name, volume, weight and value of the goods) and the proforma invoice. We'll take care of everything else for you.

3. A national DOT certification issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation, with a perfect truck distribution network throughout the United States, to escort your entire journey.

4. Long-term cooperation with German Allianz insurance, fast claim settlement, claim declaration, acceptance, compensation and other procedures can be completed within 7 days.

5. Has the information tracking system, at any time for you to report the goods information, to ensure that your goods arrive on time and safely.

Advantage of Shipment Service

--Security advantages: The whole process of tracking, dedicated person responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of goods; Loss of goods, goods damage quickly make claims.

--Price advantage: Four international express, a number of international airlines direct cooperation, no intermediate links, fair and transparent prices.

--Time advantage: Customs clearance ability, a number of overseas local agents; Clearance ability up to 99%; Arrange delivery vehicles in advance.

--Service advantages: A one-stop service. Customize reasonable logistics and transportation plan; Provide full range of goods according to the service; Professional teams deal with problems in a timely manner.